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M113A1  APC

The M113A1 is now being replaced and retired from service

Today-12-August 2006, the 4/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment paraded a large number down Swanston St Melbourne in what was to be their final parade.

This was to me a sad day indeed, not only were these Armoured Vehicles retired, but it was done with no advertising that I could uncover anywhere. The only people that saw the parade were a few veterans form the 4/19 PWLHR and about five uniformed officers standing around the Town Hall (I imagine to take the salute) In all about 30 bodies. I never saw any sign of other units like 1st Armoured Regiment or the Armoured Corps. The only civilians that saw the parade were what were on Swanston St at 11 am.

I heard about the parade a couple of weeks ago and emailed the chap asking information where it would form up and the time of marching off and time at the Shrine, as I would have liked to take photos of the whole thing. Unfortunately he did not bother to answer. For that matter two emails to separate people at the 4/19 PWLHR  also received no response. A call to the Melbourne City Council and I was given the information, form up at Lonsdale St 9am and finish at the Shrine at 11 am. I left Kilmore at 7.30 am and arrived at Lonsdale St at 9am sharp. Nothing! In time I contacted the police station in Flinders lane and they in found that it would be at the Shrine at 11.45am. In time I noticed them forming up in Swanston St at 10-50 am and they moved down Swanston St. I was using two cameras and was flat out snapping photos. Once past me, that was it, there was no way I could catch up with them and that was the end of it for me. Other than the photos I never managed a good look at any APC's

I wonder if any of the civilians had any idea of what it was all about.

Below are the pictures without comments as it was all over so quick, I have no comments

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Mr.So in discussions



Note the different turret / shields on the APC's


134280--- This M113A1 was a veteran having served in Vietnam with A Sqn 3 Cav Regt

as Call Sign 23A in 1968 and also with B Sqn in 1969 using the same call sign