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First day out in Vietnam after unloading at Barie.

The right hand tank under the chopper is 169069 driven by my good mate Rusty Dyson

You will note that he is guided by the crew commander Mick Butler via intercom radio and hence he did not manage to become lost. Unfortunately Rusty must have became used to this system, because  every time we venture out onto the Queensland highway system,  he becomes lost, often requiring us to travel over most of Northern NSW as well. Entertaining but time consuming.



This tank was purchased a few weeks ago from the John Belfields Museum Auction. There was great concern that it would leave Australia, but in fact it was purchased by the Yarrawonga RSL. After considerable waiting with the group that were to deliver it as an exercise , they paid for it to be transported. It was to arrive on the evening of 7-8-06, and be unloaded the next morning. In point of fact it did indeed arrive in the dark and it was unloaded under lights, and was on the ground today 8-8-06. 

Sorry about the dark photos but they were taken at night

Here at last

As I said ,it was dark.

Removing the warning flags before the unload

A bit of slack in the tracks but she is not going anywhere---I believe she will be put on static display

Ready to reverse off the low loader

And down she goes

Next day --looking good

I will get up to take some more shots in a few weeks

Some more shots of The Tankfest in UK


British Chieftain AVLB Bridge layer some still in use today

Early prototype Challenger

Chieftain MK10 a Gate Guard at the Museum

Centurion MK1

Centurion MK1 showing the hatch at the rear of the turret for the removal of the 17 pounder gun barrel

Tortoise SPG. Only one ever made, was not used by the army due to weight (78 Tons)

Cutaway Centurion--cut straight down the middle by apprentices, nice job

Another shot of the motor section

Cutaway of the Merritt Brown Transmission

Cutaway of the Meteor Engine from a Centurion

British Chieftain dressed in urban camo, quite an unusual camo

Corner shot

Side View


This tank was developed for the Iranian Army, and called "Mihr". But due to the deposing of the Sha or Iran, the order was never delivered. So the British Army took the project on, which was an upgrade from the Chieftain, which was extensively used by Iran, and from that the Challenger 1 was born

She is an impressive tank

British Chieftain AVRE

Prototype Chieftain being towed by the Chieftain ARV

Very nice Churchill

Excellent presented Sherman

Assorted German halftracks from Second World War 

German Jagdpanzer

German King Tiger and Crew

A pair of Leopards donated by the Canadian Army.

A German tank killer -- Second World War


German Tiger Tank

World War 1 Four VC awarded to the tank corps

World War 1 Mk5 "Female" Tank


Inside the "Female" a good display of the motor

Another good shot of the motor  

Drivers controls much like a Centurion except the brake is on the other side

Another shot of the drivers compartment, note the ammo storage on the right.

Swedish S Tank-- the manoeuvrability of this tank is incredible to see.